Scrapbook Sketches

This section brings together all my scrapbook sketches.

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Scrapbooking Sketch 45

Our new scrapbooking sketch has a light-hearted feel to it; think party, celebration and the like. Don’t you think it would be great for a circus theme layout?

Scrapbooking Sketch 44

In this month’s scrapbooking sketch we’ve continued with the mosaic layout style. We’ve gone for a fill-the-page look which leaves you free to decide where the title and journaling will go.

Scrapbooking Sketch 43

The new scrapbooking sketch is a multi-photo layout. Use it with lots of Christmas photos; add interest with little bits of photos, patterned paper and embellishments.

Scrapbooking Sketch 42

Our new scrapbooking sketch lets the focus rest on one photograph. It could also do double-duty as a cardmaking sketch. When it comes to adding your title and journaling, there are several options available to you.

Variations on Sketch 41

It’s surprising how many ideas you can get from one sketch. We’ve been working on sketch 41 and got 16 more to get you on your way. How many more can you come up with?

Scrapbooking Sketch 41

Here is our new scrapbooking sketch. It was inspired by a magazine advert. It’s a very short post today to give you the sketch.

Scrapbooking Sketch 40: Faded

This month’s scrapbooking sketch has just one photo with faded or distressed edges. The layout would work equally well if you like to make greeting cards. Plus we have five 2-page combinations to give you the boost you need.

Scrapbooking Sketch #39: Stack Em

Our scrapbooking sketch is late this month due to technical difficulties. However it is here at last and we hope it is useful to you. It’s a 4-photo layout idea on a layered background, with title, sub title and journaling block.

FREE Digital Template Download: Purse Card

Create your own greetings cards in the shape of a purse card with this FREE digital template download. Make it by hand or on your computer. Just add your favorite papers, gems, ribbon or other embellishments to complete it.

Scrapbook Sketch #38: Circles of Life

Take our multi-photo scrapbook sketch and make it your own, not only with the products you use but with your own twist on style, meaning or play on words. Circles of Life allows you to add your touch to make a great scrapbooking layout.

Scrapbook Sketch 37: Take a Bow

It’s a while since we’ve had a scrapbook sketch that lets one photo shine, but we have just that for you this month. We filled the space with the design, but you could decide to reduce all the elements and leave even more ‘white space’. As always with a sketch, it’s up to you what you do with it.

Scrapbook Sketch #36

Multi-photo layouts can be practical: be more selective; work with a lot of photos from one event; give an overview; help make lighter albums. With all that in mind, our new scrapbook sketch has four photos.

FREE Multi-photo Digital Layout Template

Create a multiple-photo scrapbook page with our FREE digital layout template offered in honor of National Scrapbooking Day.

Scrapbooking Sketch #35

Our new sketch is a 2-page spread with 3 different sized photographs. Enjoy the ‘white space’ or use it to journal in. Or you could journal on the outside columns and follow the shapes, if you prefer.

Scrapbooking Sketch #34

A new scrapbooking sketch with just one photo this month. We seem to have had a lot of multiple-photo layout ideas recently. The template feels quite girly, but can be changed quickly and easily.

Scrapbooking Sketch #33

We have a new scrapbooking sketch again this month, along with some tips and suggestions on how to use it.

Scrapbooking Sketch # 32

Here is the new scrapbooking sketch idea and our first of the new year. A sketch or template is an idea to get you started on a new layout. Sometimes we just can’t think what to do and it can be a spur to our creativity.

Scrapbooking Sketch #31

Our latest multi photo scrapbooking sketch idea will help you catch up on your summer scrapbooking before the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas family holidays.

Scrapbooking Sketch #30

With autumn well and truly here now in the northern hemisphere, you could use this scrapbooking sketch to showcase the wonders of changing colours, or grateful harvests.

Scrapbooking Sketch #29

Another scrapbooking sketch for the weekend from Ok, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to indulge your passion. Hit the button now!

Scrapbooking Sketch #28

Looking for something to do this weekend? Try this month’s scrapbooking sketch for your next layout. It’s a jigsaw just waiting for you to fit the pieces together.

Scrapbooking Sketch #27

Is it a scrapbooking sketch or your dinner plate? Or it could equally be a clock indicating the passage of time with it’s poignant regrets of missed opportunities or …

Scrapbooking Sketch #26

There are many ways to interpret a scrapbooking sketch and it’s always exciting to see the various ideas people come up with. I often find myself saying, “Wow, I never thought of that!”

Scrapbooking Sketch #25

We have a simple scrapbooking sketch using three 4×6 photographs, so pick out your three best photos, or you three favorite photos, get your thinking caps on and see what you come up with.

Scrapbooking Sketch #24

I find it exciting to start a new layout with a scrapbooking sketch. It always gets me off the mark more quickly than sitting with just a few photos and scrapbook supplies.

Scrapbooking Sketch #23

This is the last in our mini series based on some abstract paintings seen a few months back. The variations in the series are subtle; blocks of varying size and shape and order. We’ve chosen to give a sample for each as an individual sketch, but the subtlety may show better when using the series […]

Scrapbooking Sketch #22

The third in our scrapbooking sketch mini series gives plenty of scope for paper, digital and hybrid scrappers alike to make seasonal layouts, and the opportunity to highlight a special photograph.

Scrapbooking Sketch #21

The scrapbooking sketch this month is the second in our current mini series, which was inspired by some abstract paintings I saw recently. If you’re not familiar with using sketches you can read How to Use a Scrapbooking Sketch. A scrapbooking layout includes photo(s), pretty scrapbooking papers, your story, and a few embellishments. What they […]

Scrapbooking Sketch #20

With food and fuel prices rising we don’t have so much to spend on our scrapbooking. So show us how you use this scrapbooking sketch in either a digital or paper layout and win a digital kit worth $5.99.

A Twist on a Sketch

Add a little twist on a sketch – our scrapbooking sketch #19 – and you come up with this.

Scrapbooking Sketch #19

This scrapbooking sketch will help you use up all those photographs you’ve taken over the summer months.

Scrapbooking Sketch #18

A new scrapbooking sketch from Use it as a springboard for your creativity. What will you make with it?

Scrapbooking Sketch #17

Here’s a scrapbooking sketch to help get you started on your next layout. Each one has huge potential, and will look different from each person and each time you use it.

Scrapbooking Sketch #16

We have a scrapbooking sketch, a sample layout with this sketch, an added challenge, journaling tips and some wonderful product ideas.

Scrapbooking Sketch #15

Lots of circles in the scrapbooking sketch this month which is based on an ad seen in a shopping mall.

Scrapbooking Sketch # 14

Our scrapbooking sketch this month has three photographs and plenty of room for journaling. It’s based on an ad that caught my eye. I liked the clean lines and the white space, yet it still had room to tell your story.

Scrapbooking Sketch: February

A scrapbooking sketch gets the creative juices flowing so you get off to a quick start with each scrapbooking page you make. No more hours spent working out where your layout is going; you can see from the start.

Scrapbooking Sketch # 12

A scrapbooking sketch is a jumping board for inspiration. Use this one for a very special photograph. Make a single scrapbooking page or a two-page layout with this month’s ideas.

Scrapbooking Sketch Extra

Do you start with a scrapbooking sketch or make a layout and then make the sketch for reference later? Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Scrapbooking Sketch # 11

An elegant scrapbooking sketch with two places for photos and four positions for words. Plenty of space for that special journaling?

Scrapbooking Sketch # 10

Scrapbooking sketches are a great way to jumpstart your creativity. ScrapbookingGems adds a new template each month. See what you make of the new one.

Scrapbooking Sketch #9

A scrapbooking sketch is a great springboard for getting layouts completed quickly. We offer a new one each month. What will you make with it?

Scrapbooking sketches #8

Scrapbooking sketches make great jumping off points for your scrapbooking layouts. Free templates are available monthly.

Scrapbooking Sketches #7

The new template in our scrapbooking sketches series.

Scrapbooking Sketches #6

Scrapbooking sketches are not like dressmaking patterns where you follow the instructions exactly to get the right fit. Here you have freedom …

How do I Use a Scrapbooking Template?

What is a scrapbooking template and just how do you use it? Read on to find out …

Scrapbooking Sketches #5

Using scrapbooking sketches is a great springboard for creating fantastic layouts. We offer free templates each month …

Free Scrapbook Templates

A template is a template and you can use these for paper layouts if you are not into digital scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking Sketch #4

Do you like to use the same sketch idea once only or do you challenge yourself to come up with a few scrapbook layouts for each? How quickly can your scrapping buds recognize the same sketch was used for different layouts? This one can be turned whichever way you want. Which will be the best […]

Scrapbooking Sketches #3

Scrapbook layout ideas sometimes come thick and fast. Other times we have scrapper’s block until …

Scrapbooking Sketch #2

We all have people and things in our lives we value. I wouldn’t be me if it were not for the treasures and pains in my life. This scrapbooking sketch is reminiscent of bricks in a wall. What are the ‘treasures’ in your life, or what would you include in a layout about your foundations? […]

Scrapbooking Sketch #1

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start with a scrapbook layout, especially if you’re a newbie. You have your photos and your scrapbook supplies. whether paper or digital products, but where do you go from there?

For beginner or old-hand alike, drawing a sketch of a layout idea can get you off the starting block, on your way to a scrapbook challenge, or even unblock scrappers block!