circles of life

Take our multi-photo scrapbook sketch and make it your own, not only with the products you use but with your own twist on style, meaning or play on words. Circles of Life allows you to add your touch to make a great scrap booking layout.

Read on to view the layout at different angles for further inspiration and for some tips.

From Another Angle

We like to do a quick rotation of each sketch to let you see what it might look like in case that is more inspiring for you. We also double it up to see what it might look like as a two-page layout. So here goes with sketch 38!

Below is a simple left or right turn which gives this …

circles of life circles of life

And putting them side by side with a flip on the right gives this …

circles of lifecircles of life

Turn the above upside down and you get this …

circles of lifecircles of life

This next one could be the ‘ups and downs’ of life, lol! It certainly gives the feeling of a snippet of life, that something was happening before the left page and something continues after the right page.

(Or it’s a very-hungry-or-not caterpillar – just add little legs and boots, lol!)

circles of lifecircles of life

Again, I’ll just point out these have not been optimized by creating a new layout for each variation. Instead we have simply flipped the image. So when looking at these ideas you may wish to consider things like:

  • moving the title
  • using one large photo at the intersection of the two layouts
  • use a large photo at several points across the layout
  • pull one or two photos to the front and set on foam pads to lift them out from the bunch
  • vary the number of photos you use – more or less
  • journal in the white space or around some or all of the photos

As with all our scrapbooking sketches, we will post a sample layout tomorrow. Meantime, have fun planning your next layout. Thanks for popping in.

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