It’s a while since we have had a scrapbook sketch that lets one photo shine, but we have just that for you this month.

We have filled the space with the design, but you could decide to reduce all the elements and leave even more ‘white space’. As always with a sketch, it’s up to you what you do with it.

I’ve been surprised how often I’ve thought I had an original design or idea only to be knocked back as I looked around the web and discovered I hadn’t the ounce of originality I thought I had after all. Ah well, pride comes before a fall they say, lol! (But don’t disillusion me too quickly with this one, please *grin*.)

This is the original sketch, but to give you an idea of how it will look in mirror image or upside down (and both!) we have included samples for this too.

Don’t be concerned about trying to read the upside-down and back-to-front text, we didn’t create a new sketch for each version, simply flipped and rotated the image, hence the text issues. (We do this to save you twisting your head off to view how it might look the other way around. *grin!*)

This sketch is primarily for one photograph. The original idea was to place multiple layers of patterned paper or colored cardstock behind the main photo. However, I know I sometimes have photos I ‘missed’ that are not the perfectly composed image I desired! You know, the one where your friend is on the outside edge and the rest shows the hotel aircon vents or something yucky like that, lol! But it’s a perfect photo of the subject, or he has a weird expression you want to immortalize. That sorta thing.

Well, I thought we could use a couple of those photos behind the main one in this layout idea. Got any photos that would work? I do.

Remember this sketch idea is only to get your creative juices flowing and not ‘set in stone’ so you can vary it as you like.

For a Portrait photograph

Sketch 37 Sketch 37

Sketch 37 Sketch 37

For a Landscape photograph

Sketch 37 Sketch 37

Sketch 37 Sketch 37

Here are some samples we’ve done:

Sample Layout: Bounce, Grandad, Bounce

Sample Wedding Layout: Love Today and Always

If our new scrapbook sketch does not inspire you, then take a look at our other sketches and see where they take you. If you use one of our sketches and upload it to Flickr or other scrapbooking galleries or photo places, we’d love to see it, so please tell us where it is (in the comments). We’d appreciate it if you would link back to the sketch you use. Thanks for looking.

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