Multi-photo layouts can be practical. They encourage us to be more selective, it helps when we have a lot of photos from one event, they can give an overview of something, and help make lighter albums. With all that in mind, our new scrapbook sketch has four photos.

We have another two variations on this sketch below. See which you prefer.


Sketch 36a

sketch36 var1

Sketch 36b


We ended up with several sample layout ideas for this sketch. Here they are:

You’ll find some tips and ‘how-to’ ideas on these posts, too.

If none of these page ideas is quite what you are looking for, then take a look at our earlier sketches and see if something there appeals to you.

A scrapbook sketch helps you get a fast start on a new layout. Instead of struggling with what should go where, you can jump right in with your photos and favorite papers and embellishments. You don’t even need to stick to it! It’s just there to get you off the mark when your own creativity will jump in. Have fun.

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