Iris-&-the-Bumble-Bee WEBAnother in the series of scrapbook layouts, Hangin’ Out in a Bloom, is a simple two-photograph layout with paper borders and minimum embellishments.

I’d been admiring these wonderful irises aware there were several large bumble bees flying around. When I uploaded the photos I was thrilled to see I’d captured a bee on the flower. plus another on it’s way, it’s wings fluttering so fast it looks like a bundle of fluff suspended in the air. (Larger photo below.)

I have another photo of some birds with a large spot in the middle of the background. As I usually use the burst mode on my digital camera this confused me as the mark was not in the other photos. When I zoomed in on the image in Photoshop, I saw it was another bumble bee – not in focus this time, but interesting just the same. Guess it was just that time of year.

Iris-&-the-Bumble-Bee WEB


The two layouts below are the same except the one on the left uses a white mat behind the photographs and the one on the right (and above) uses Lifted Photos by Melissa Renfro which gives a slightly more realistic look to the photographs.

Iris-&-the-Bumble-Bee 2 WEB Iris-&-the-Bumble-Bee WEB

I also used papers and a few embellishments from the Refresh digital scrapbooking pack.

Scrapbook layouts do not have to be elaborate; simple is beautiful too.

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