winter frosts

It’s been a cold couple of months so I decided to make this scrapbook layout to show some of our winter frost photos taken just the other day.

Firstly, I used a template by Jen Martakis. I liked the simplicity of the sketch and, of course, dropping your photographs and scrapbooking elements into a template means it’s really quick to get a finished layout.

One of the main reasons I like digital scrapbooking is because I can download the products. This is very useful when, like me, you are nowhere near a scrapbooking store – and there is no postage to pay! Add to that the fact you can use them again and again means it is less expensive than paper scrapbooking. We all like different styles of scrapbooking and I’m not so keen on bulky layouts so that could be another reason I like digital – I get a nice smooth look with the impression of a little depth.

Taking a closer look

winter frosts

I liked this paper by Anita Richards because the edges are faded and made me think of a frosty edge on a window – plus it toned with the colors in the photographs. I reduced the opacity a little to make even more frosty, and so as not to overpower the images.

I thought for a short time that this would be a tone-on-tone effect, however I decided to use a chrome effect for the tags, brads and letters which reflect the icy quality of the photos and the dandelion heads. The gold staple and paperclip reflect the warmth of the browns in the photos.

The other products used are by the following designers: Betsy Tuma and Erica Hernandez

Well, it’s official … Spring is on it’s way for the first snowdrops are popping through the hard ground at last!

I hadn’t seen any yet this year, so I went looking and found a few tiny white heads, surrounded by bright green stalks, poking up just a couple of inches above the hard ground. In previous years we’ve had a huge patch in the corner of the garden by now.

This sighting has lifted my spirits. It’s good to know Spring is on it’s way and we’re not stuck forever with cold, short dark days and long nights.

Well that’s a slight digression from our scrapbook layout. Winter will be over shortly and we can start Spring layouts soon. Something to look forward to while we enjoy this scrapbook layout: Winter Frost.

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