This scrapbook layout is of a few random memories from a trip to the US a while back. My DH was often there on business, but rarely saw much outside the office, hotel and airport on these trips.

I didn’t get quite so often – and not nearly often enough for my liking, lol! Most of our photos are from visits with the children and I on a few family holidays.

Photos are precious, so here is a handy scrapbooking tip: always work on a copy of your photo then if you make a mistake you still have the original.

Take a closer look


The layout works despite the randomness of the photos because the same red color runs through each photo like a theme.

The background paper is by IsaJoDesigns. I like the dark background as it makes the photos stand out well, and being fairly plain does not distract from the photos.

The title is type surrounded by a small noisy border effect.

I’ve tried to work in thirds with the photos, title and journaling placed at the intersection of the thirds. The photos take up roughly a third of the page vertically, and the title and subtitle another third, horizontally.

The journaling reads:

This fruit machine is a building … if you don’t believe me see the cars parked in front in the bottom photo!! Other random memories? It was fun seeing a ‘real’ stagecoach and the different style vehicle number plates. Knowing I’d need it for my scrapbook pages, it took a few tries before I got the flag.”

My DH is keen on electronics and, whether on business or on holiday, always likes to have a look round Fry’s whenever possible. This time he was glad of the excuse when I needed a memory stick for all the photos I was taking. So off we went to find it.

Can you guess by the style of building that we were in Las Vegas for that trip? We didn’t notice the fun building until we were leaving and had to do a wide turn round the car park to find the exit – and, of course, once I’d noticed it I had to jump out and get a photo, lol!

Of course, all good scrapbookers look for the details that are significant to the area they visit, or that distinguish one trip from another, so I couldn’t not photograph a slot machine-type building in Las Vegas, nor an old stagecoach when I saw it when I grew up on old cowboy movies, now could I? My abiding memory of Vegas from our first trip many years ago was slot machines absolutely everywhere, so when even the buildings resembled them this trip I had to get a shot. (You would think we were regulars, but we’ve only been twice, twenty years apart, and we didn’t lose a cent either time because we don’t gamble!)

As I said in the journaling, it was quite a while before I got a decent photo of the American flag for my scrapbook that trip. Every time I found one that was not surrounded by wires it hung limply on the pole. It was a surprise this one came out so well as it was taken through the windscreen while stopped at lights on a very busy intersection.

Ok, I’d better stop reminiscing for you’re here to see scrapbook pages and not to listen to me taking a trip down memory lane, lol! Back to scrapbooking …

Scrapbooking tip 2: a quick way to get a frame round your photo on a digital layout is to add a stroke round the outside. You can do this either by going to edit and choosing ‘add stroke’ or you can go through the effects palette.

Feel free to lift this scrapbook layout if it appeals to you, but please do not submit it to competitions, magazines, etc., as your own; credit is always welcome. This applies to all our layouts and sketches, too. A link back to the layout you lift would be most welcome. Thanks for looking.

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