Color Inspiration

This scrapbook layout is inspired by magazine covers and by this wonderful photograph by Leslie Shewring at ‘a creativeMINT’.

I’d been looking for some color inspiration and saw these gorgeous poppies at Leslie’s blog and suddenly ‘saw’ a scrapbook page with the photo as the focus. (All the photos in the layout are Leslie’s.)

I automatically made this a 12″ x 12″ layout and it wasn’t until working on this post that I realized magazine covers are not square! Oh well …

Take a closer look

Color Inspiration

Making the layout was very straightforward. I tried to include a couple of design techniques like using thirds and a design triangle.

To make the triangle in the top corner, I made a square with the marquee tool, filled it with color and then sliced it with the lasso tool.

Thank you. Leslie, for permission to use your photographs in this scrapbook layout and to post it to the site.

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