circles of life sample2

Here is a sample scrapbook layout idea with our recent sketch 38: Circles of Life. It is a multi-photo layout with seven photos in three sizes.

The subject is Isabella’s little grand daughter who is almost 18 months old and running rings around her parents (and grand parents, lol!)

Read on for more info about the layout, the products used, and some PSE tips.

“The photographs were taken at a wedding a couple of months ago,” Isabella said. “Emily had not long found her feet, and loved the freedom of the huge lawn and gardens at the wedding venue. She explored it to the full with parents trying to keep up.

“The circles offered opportunity for close-up shots of Emily’s cute little face and gorgeous, big, blue eyes.

“I started with a pink background,” comments Isabella. ” And, like Genie last week, I wasn’t convinced that was what I wanted, and tried the quick digital scrapbooking trick she told us about. The resulting color was just what was needed, making the photos pop off the page.”

Take a closer look …

circles of life sample2

Products used are

  • Genie’s template: sketch 38
  • Genie’s ‘circles of life’ word art
  • PSE 6
  • flower swirl by Rhonna Farrer
  • and her dotty swirl, to which Isabella added a bevel effect


How to create the semi-circle text

A semi-circle of text around the lower edge of one of the photos is easy when doing it by hand, but can take just a little longer as you try to figure out exactly which tool is needed in PSE! So to save you a little time we’ll tell you: it’s the ‘create warped text’ facility in the text tool. This particular one is the arch and not the arc which has confused me many times.

How to create digital canvas cardstock

The texturizer filter gives a similar ‘feel’ to textured cardstock. To get there go: filter/texture/texturizer then in the drop-down menu select canvas and adjust the scaling and relief till you are happy with it.

Hope this sample scrapbook layout idea with our most recent sketch has been helpful. To see other sketches click the link here or at the top of the page. Thanks for looking.

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