A scrapbook layout idea for 17 photos? Yep, count ’em! I think it’s pretty effective. Working with grids lets you get loads of photographs on one layout, and this is a little more unusual.

It’s just as well I counted for I thought there were 18 photos, lol! Well, two grids of nine is nine plus nine which equals 18, doesn’t it? But if you look you’ll see the middle photo of the bottom grid is missing, hence 17 photos. That’s the bit I forgot, lol!

Read on for all the yummy details behind the photographs and to see a larger image.

Can you work with chocolate and not lick your fingers? No, neither could we! Maybe this should be called ‘Finger Licking Good’ for there sure were plenty of well-licked fingers by the end of the evening, lol!

But then it was Belgian chocolate which is sooo yummy! And they were not for gifts but to be shared with my DH, so licking fingers was fine. Actually we did wash our hands frequently … but only after we’d licked them clean first, of course, lol!

My friend invited me to join her group on a visit to The Cocoa Bean Factory which is in Twynholm, in south west Scotland. Can you tell we had a great time? Chocolate is not just for kids – silly grin!

I only managed to capture nine ladies licking the chocolate off their fingers or scooping it out of the little cups with a tiny spoon. Everyone did it, including me … but then I was behind the camera and not in front of it, hee hee. I certainly had the cleanest hands because I kept running to wash them before I could take another photograph – after they’d been licked, of course! It was a messy job, but oh so tasty, lol! And of course, I missed many photo opportunities while my fingers were covered in chocolate or being washed. Well, they were hand-made truffles, you’re bound to get covered in chocolate.

We made 14 lovely little truffles filled with such delights as raspberry fondant, mint, ganache, ginger, tiramisu, gin fizz, violet, and I’ve forgotten all the others. There was a stack of icing bags full of the various flavors in the middle of the table. We then smothered them in chocolate, and drizzled more chocolate over them. Mmm!

One girl made a cute little dinosaur (about 4 inches high; the bottom left photo in the layout) and a huge chocolate bar with white, milk and dark chocolate swirls. There was a third thing, but I forget what it was. I took so many photos that if I keep going back to look for something I’ll never get this finished!

I was surprised how rich the chocolate was, so, despite all my joking here, most of my extra chocolate came home with me, in the little cups we used, for my DH to enjoy. The truffles lasted all of two days. Well chocolate and coffee go soooo well together. And it was the weekend. Did I say the chocolate was sooooo good?

We finished the evening with coffee, cake and chatter in the cafe. Oh, and of course, the shop was open to buy as much chocolate made by the professionals as you want. (See my earlier layout for some calorie-free samples.)

We had a great time and thoroughly recommend it. Ladies, thank you for allowing me to join you.

Well, this is a scrapbooking website and not a chocolate website, so we’ll get back on track.

Take a closer look


As I already said, the layout is made of two nine-square grids. The larger one is about 10 inches square and the smaller about six inches square. The layout started life as one eight-inch grid with nine 2.5 inch photos, and morphed into this – one of the benefits of digital scrapbooking.

As a paper scrapper you can print all your digital photographs onto two photo papers to make the layout. It would work well on a 12 x 12 inch or an 8 x 8 inch layout, but you’d require a magnifying glass for anything smaller. Use chipboard letters for the title, and chalk around them for the ‘fog’ effect.

Bazzill has a wonderful bitter chocolate cardstock that would work well for a similar layout.

These two scrapbook layout ideas have not been made as a two-page layout, but because I used the same title font and paper they will happily complement each other in your scrapbook album. Thanks for looking.