snow on snow2

This scrapbook layout shows our early snow fall this year.

The photographs show the garden bench and were taken in the morning, late afternoon and around 9.30 in the evening. You can see the layer of snow growing from just a couple of inches to higher than the arm of the bench.

Now I know this is minuscule compared to what some countries get, but as I’ve said before, these levels occur usually every twenty years or so in the UK. It just so happens we’ve had the next sixty year’s worth over the last couple of winters, lol.

Take a closer look

snow on snow2

I made the photos black and white in PSE as with one taken in daylight and the others in growing darkness they did not look good together.

I wanted a snowy font so went looking for free fonts. I found these two: ice & snow and frosty from

I discovered the white snowy area of the letters was in fact clear so the paper showed through. To get the snowy effect to work ‘properly’ I typed the words then simplified the layer. Next, taking the magic wand, I selected each area that should have snow on it (hold the shift key as you click each area) and filled it with white. Obviously if you are typing on a white layer this step is not necessary.

Do you like my little snowman? He took longer than the rest of the page, lol!

There’s been more snow falling today, so I can see another scrapbook layout recording our record early snow fall coming soon, grin!

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