card organizer

I like to make ‘scrapbook gifts’ for family and friends with my scrapbook supplies. The most recent is this card organizer and address book.

I try to choose colors I think the recipient will like. This way I use up scrapbook papers in colors I may not otherwise use. With boxes and cupboards of all sizes full of scrapbook supplies, I’ve rarely not got what I need when a gift is required.

Here’s what I did.

1. Enlist the aid of the computer

card organizer4I made a table for each month. It included: the month as a heading; with columns for date, name, birth year (to help remember when significant birthdays or anniversaries are), address & telephone number. This means the owner has everything to hand when needed.

I decided against using a calendar month as there is so much wastage with it – a table is much better use of the space available. And this was adhered to a sheet of scrapbooking paper and then to toning cardstock.

It would also be a good idea to include some extra sheets, a little shorter – cut off below the month name – as spares. Or include some blank sticky address labels to cover change of addresses. You could add a pocket or a spare envelope inside the back cover to hold these.

2. Cards are stored in envelopes.

card organizer3

I used a large envelope to hold each month’s cards.

The envelopes are adhered close to outside edge of the cardstock – the other side from the address list. You want to make sure the card is large enough to provide a little protection around the edges and to attach the binding – about 1/4 inch around three sides and about 1/2 inch at the binding edge.

To allow room for a little expansion, I extended the flap with some matching paper.

The envelopes are held closed by a length of thread wound round two brads. These were placed through a circle of card and adhered to the envelope to prevent accidental scratches or cuts. Nor do you want the cards falling out as you work with the organizer.

3. To make the tabs

card organizer2

A scallop circle punch, cut in half, makes the tabs. Each one co-ordinates with the backing card for each month.

The edges are inked.

Each month is printed by computer and attached to each tab. I had to adjust the font size a little to get the longer months to fit.

It’s important to use strong adhesive to attach the tabs as they will get a lot of wear.

4. To hold it all closed

One length of ribbon goes around the whole book, glued under the front and back papers to help keep it in place. I decided this would be safer than two shorter lengths, and will cope well with the expanding pages.

If I had a crop-a-dile I’d have used that to punch holes in the chipboard to hold the ribbon. Likewise a chomper would chomp through those chipboard covers to give nice round edges. Alas, I have neither, so two more things for my very long wishlist.

Crop-a-dile xprd131415 m Chomper xprd379351 m

Both the Crop-A-Dile & Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper Tool are on sale at at the moment – 30% off.

Another idea is to use one of the Teresa Collins adjustable closures that work well with Bind-it-All books.

5. To finish it off

I cut the covers from blank chipboard. Allow about 1/4 inch border top and bottom and 1/2 inch on the outside edge to protect the contents.

Decorate the chipboard covers with scrapbooking paper and a few flowers and brads. I used some Fancy Pants flowers I’d been saving.

I used the Bind-it-All to hold it together.

Make a label for the front (and one for the back, if you wish.)

I was sure I’d thought of everything, but as I write this I realize I didn’t put a pocket to hold stamps. You could do this very easily inside the front or back cover. Or include a small envelope at the back in the binding to hold them.

I’d intended to put a pen holder, but forgot – sad face! I’d meant to put a ribbon loop on the edge of the back cover to hold it. Oh well, she’ll have to suspend it from the o-wires – they are big enough!


  • I used card and paper from co-ordinating sets.
  • Use strong adhesive, and you’ll need a lot.
  • Remember to allow for expansion in your binding – so large o-wires to cope.
  • When making the holes for the o-wires, line up the outer edges of your pages and hold them firmly with a couple of bulldog clips or something similar. You want the outer edges to be as even as possible.
  • Adhere the tabs after the pages are bound.
  • I’m always terrified a mess up the pages and covers when I use my Bind-it-All, so I try a test page & cover the same size as my actual page & cover.
  • Remember to include a pocket for stamps and a pen holder, lol!


List of requirements for this card organizer and address book:

  • chipboard
  • scrapbook paper
  • white or colored paper for the lists
  • colored card
  • envelopes
  • scallop punch
  • ribbon
  • flowers
  • brads
  • thread
  • binding system

Well that’s all I can think of at the moment. It’s quite late, if I remember anything else I’ll add it later.

Hope you like making scrapbook gifts with your supplies too. Let me know if you try this card organizer and address book and how it turns out. If you’d like more detailed info use the comments or email me via the contact button at the bottom and I’ll get back to you.