Span 2 - 600x72Here is a sample multi photo layout to go with this month’s sketch 19.

Some scrapbookers like a sample LO with the sketch and some like the freedom of not being influenced by another’s ideas. So to try keep both sides happy we no longer post a sample with our sketches, but post it a day or two later, instead.

This month’s free sketch idea is a multi photo layout using 20 images. Read on for some tips on how to use it.

As you’ll see, we’ve already varied it and reduced it to 16 slightly larger photos.

Ideas for multi photo layouts

  • They are great for getting just a taste of a lot of activities.
  • For covering a whole subject on one layout when you are in a hurry to get it all down
  • Or when you just want to dump and move on, lol!

For some events, we may want to tell the story in greater detail than a tag or a little journaling space allows. On such occasions you can use this sketch as one side of a two-page spread, giving you the whole other page for your journaling space.

You could also highlight a favorite photo on the second page, and still have a lot of journaling space left.

More ideas for a multi photo layout

A grid layout is great for action shots.

Or how about to display all your wedding guests in your wedding album without using too many pages. Remember to add the names, of course, so you remember who’s who when you celebrate your silver, sapphire and golden wedding anniversaries! You young ones won’t believe it, but memory often dims with age, and there’s nothing more frustrating than coming along in twenty years time and saying, ‘I know her name … it’s … it’s just on the tip of my tongue … but … arrghh!’ (Believe me, I know!! Lol!)

Displaying your guests photographs this way is also better than the traditional group photo when every face is so small you can never make anyone out!

We used the following products in this layout:

  • Paper from His and Hers AYO Zoom pages.
  • Several ScrapSimple products & brushes.
  • And a variety of Scrapgirls¬†embellishments sets.

That’s our sample layout for scrapbooking sketch #19, and some tips for how to use a multiple photo layout . To let us know how you get on with it use our contact form or leave your comments below. Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope you have fun with this sketch idea.

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