Our sample layout using sketch 31 shows photos from three 21st birthday celebrations – all for the same lucky guy!

Isabella said, “As my husband traveled a lot when the children were at school we would have family celebrations on the Sunday nearest each birthday so we could all celebrate together. Although he was no longer doing this by the time 21st birthdays came around, the children were off at college or working, so we kept the tradition of special family celebrations on Sundays. So celebrating with family, celebrating on the actual day with those family members around, and celebrating with friends at a local restaurant were all part of the fun. Oh, and there was another with friends at college, but I don’t have any photos from that one, lol!”

“While on holiday a couple of years before his 21st birthday,” Isabella continues, “we went to a wine-tasting session in France where DS1 spotted a bottle of wine from his birth year which he coaxed us to buy as a 21st birthday gift – yes, it was as expensive as that!! Needless to say, we wanted to taste the wine too as we’d never had such an old wine. The wine merchant warned us it could be good or not so good, and that old wine tasted different from newer ones, so there was a high possibility it could either be off, or we’d not like it. Thankfully it was very nice and we all enjoyed a glass each.”

Taking a closer look …

Sketch-31 Sample WEB


Isabella placed photos of the family in the two large photo positions, then snapshots of friends at the party along the bottom. The key items of the big day itself are all at the top: the bottle of vintage wine; the clootie dumpling – a family tradition that continues to the fourth generation; a Tete de Moine on a girolle; and birthday cards.

All the photos have been placed, collage-like, in a ‘photo frame’ and placed on a ‘shelf’ (the paper) that are all part of the digital scrapbooking kit.

Products used:

  • Vignettes Paper
  • Inspired Tickets Word Art Mini
  • Batik Collection
  • From the Desk Of Collection

This is our fun sample layout with sketch 31. Hope it jump starts your imagination to create your own scrapbooking masterpieces.