Malcolm 50 600x72

“I found sketch 21 a bit harder than sometimes,” said Isabella. “There isn’t really much to it, must have lost my thinking cap; maybe because I’ve been too busy lately. Sometimes the creativity can wane when I have too many things to do. lol!”

Genie: Well I think you’ve come up trumps again, Isabella! I like the torn edge at the top right. Is that easy to do?


Isa: Mm, very easy … it’s a tag that comes with the kit I used, complete with the curled edge. I just made it big enough to cross the top of the layout.

Genie: That sounds like cheating! lol! How long did it take to make all those curvy dots at the side?

Isa: No time at all … it came like that, and I used the overlay setting to blend it to the background which meant it took on the shades behind it. The products are as you see them; all I did was an assembly job and a little simple tweaking like this :D

Genie: Is digital scrapbooking always that easy?

Isa: At the first level, yes. Then as you grow in experience and practice with your scrapbooking software or photo-editing package you learn to do a lot more. I’ve only got one foot on the lowest rung of the ladder; there’s masses to learn. But you can take it at your own pace – as much or as little as you want. I found ScrapGirls’ videos a great help. I don’t like reading instructions and these are short video clips explaining what to do. They got me off the ground really quickly.

Genie: Yes, I tried them recently and found them very clear. I find the best way is to work alongside at the same time rather than just watching the video. I have Photoshop Elements, so I had it open and as the video showed how to do something, I’d pause it and go and do it. If it didn’t work as expected I could just switch back to the video to see what I’d done wrong – but usually things worked first time. It was quite exciting to have a layout made as we went through things.

Here is a larger view of this layout

Malcolm 50 600x72


Journaling reads:
I promised I’d bake a chocolate cake with cherry filling for your birthday.

It’s a recipe I’ve been making for ages and has never failed. As usual I made it the evening before, and for this special occasion I decided to make it a four layer cake and not just the usual two.

Therein lay the problem.

Everything was perfect when I sandwiched the layers with the cherry filling and put them on top of each other. It was when I applied the chocolate fudge icing that disaster set in … the layers began to slide …

OK. We’ve time to run into M&S in the morning before heading off.

Mr Kipling may think he makes ‘exceedingly good’ cakes, but M&S takes the biscuit … or
rather that should be the cake! :D

The products used in this layout are:

Character Collection Biggie
Fit To Be Tied
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Curves

If you’d like to use this sketch you can submit your layout to our competition with an opportunity to win a $10 ScrapGirls gift certificate. Contact us for details.