sketch41 autumnglory

Aren’t the colors magnificent at this time of year? This sample layout, using our recent sketch 41, could only have been called ‘Autumn Glory’, don’t you think? Reds and golds contrasting beautifully with the dark greens of pines.

I’m not usually a browns and golds person, except at this time of year. I love the colors of a mixed wood as their leaves change color and fall, and the color of newly opened chestnuts, recently fallen from the tree – such a wonderful, glowingly rich brown.

We called them ‘conkers’ as children, and just a few weeks into each new school year we would gather them up ready for the coming battles. We would pierce a hole in each chestnut and thread it onto a string with a knot on the end; then we were ready for battle. The idea was to aim your conker at your opponent’s one to break it – theirs, not your own! Those with the best hand-eye coordination and the toughest conker would soon be champions. (Seem to remember baking them in the oven for a little while to harden them – er, yes, I was competitive.) I loved it.

However, by the time our children were at that age it was not so common. We started a mini revival locally and our boys loved it, too, from the excitement of gathering the beautiful fruit to the competitions with the other boys in our street. And while it was popular from the street to the park to the school playground when DH and I were growing up, it was frowned on at school for our boys – and will, not doubt, be considered a dangerous sport for their children! Aah well … that’s what happens when we allow lawyers have their way.

Back to scrapbooking.

Take a closer look

sketch41 autumnglory

I’m sitting at my desk typing this with the sun shining on my cheek and these lovely photos make me want to head out for a walk and, like a child, kick some leaves. We’ve had no rain recently so they should be lovely and crisp. Does it have the same effect on you?

There’s no journaling on this layout as the title says it all.

These are not my own photographs on this occasion. Thanks to the photographers for letting me use them: Chappy14 ( reflected trees), Moss Holder (barn & trees), Thomas Moller (chestnut), Stefan Gustafsson (avenue of trees), John Nyberg (boats).

This sample layout may not be in your style of scrapbooking but have a go and make it your own. Or try one of our other sketches. Thanks for looking in.

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