Sketch-37 sample layout 3Our sample layout this month is ‘Bounce, Grandad, Bounce’, made with our recent scrapbooking sketch 37.

Layout ideas always come a day or two after the scrapbooking sketch is posted, giving you free reign. However, if your creative juices still do not flow and you need a little help, here it is.

“I wanted to use this photo of my husband with our little jumping-bean of a grand daughter,” Isabella laughed. “Unfortunately it got a bit lost with all the paper pieces around it. So I had to rethink my idea. Eventually I enlarged the photograph and I think it works now. The different lengths of paper echo the bouncing, don’t you think?”

It was interesting hearing this comment from Isabella for when I created the sketch it was with the idea of focusing in on one person, probably in close up. I was thinking it would make a good graduation layout, hence the title, ‘Take a Bow’. But I’m glad it proved to be more flexible.

Take a closer look

Sketch-37 sample layout 3

Products used

The pretty little pink pearls are by Hero Arts, and the papers are by Stacy Marks and The Queen of Quirk.

The journaling reads:

I have a hard job getting a photograph of you that is not blurred, Emily! There’s always something moving, especially when you get excited – usually it’s an arm going up and down, up and down, up and down! :o) On this occasion it was your whole body bouncing. It was the opening of the FBC Centre; you were on the edge of the bouncy castle and loving it.

As you have only just started walking you were a bit too little to be left on your own with the bigger boys and girls, so Grandad took you over and held you up while you bounced and bounced and bounced and bounced. You loved it and kept going back for more.

Yes, you did come a cropper when you fell off. You howled and howled, but once that was over you were quite willing to start all over again. :o)

I purposely blurred the background of the photograph, but your skirt, arms, legs, even Grandad, are all blurry to one degree or another because you were so excited.

Thanks for popping in to see our sample layout – glad you found us. If this is not quite what you’re looking for, try one of our other scrapbooking sketches. Thanks for looking in.