AzaleaWhy do you scrapbook? We’re looking at some reasons to scrapbook over the next few posts. And despite what it often looks like, you’ll soon find out you do not need kids to scrapbook.

You’ll always find that creativity has a way of escaping. It can’t be stuffed down inside; it always gets out and you’ll find little examples all over the house.


Scrapbooking is just another way to express yourself while getting organized. We all have dozens if not hundreds (or even thousands!) of photographs that we always mean to do something with. Some make it to the albums but many don’t.

Making a scrapbook album provides room to be creative. You’re not just sticking down photo after photo after photo getting bored; and before you know it the entire project goes to the wind because of the monotony! Instead you’re choosing the best or your favorite photos and arranging them with flair, elegance, chic … and showing your talents into the bargain.

So the next time someone complains that you’re scrapbooking, just tell them you’ve decided that this time you are definitely getting organized! You just happen to be getting creative and starting with your photographs! lol

And don’t worry if you’re reading this and thinking, “How did I get here? I haven’t a creative bone in my body!” You don’t have to have design qualifications to be creative. With just a little help from your friends here at Scrapbooking Gems you can create beautiful scrap books. How? Have a look around our site and you’ll find layout ideas, sketches or templates that will be just the springboard you need.

Is the desire to create something beautiful one of your reasons to scrapbook? Vote in our poll and comment below to tell us all. Come back and see the others soon.


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