Drum kitScrapbooking the things you love is the penultimate in our reasons to scrapbook series. So what are they? People, places, things.


The people we love: family, friends, those we work with, live beside.

The places we love: the beach, the park, the forest, vacations.

The things we love: first car, pet, home.
And the things: the new bike, shoes, purse.
And the things: the books, hobbies, collections.
And the things: favorite food, clothes, scrapbooking tools.

Get the idea? You can scrapbook anything you love or you enjoy and want to remember.

Are you about to buy your first home? Take lots of photos of how it looks and then the things you do to make it your home; then make your ‘before and after’ scrap book pages for your album.

If you’ve just moved house, area or moved to a new job you can scrapbook your favorite things about the old and all the things you’re excited about in the new situation.

What do you dream about? What do you hope for? For yourself, your family, your friends? Hmm, well maybe that doesn’t quite fit this topic, but you get the idea.

There are a whole host of reasons to scrapbook. Find the one that fits where you are today, and have fun scrapping it.


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