Kirkcudbright marina 6inMoving on to a passion for photography, the next of our reasons to scrapbook, we ask, “Just how many photographs do you have?”


You don’t have to answer; we assume you have thousands. What do you do with them? They’re not just hidden away in boxes, computer folders or disks, are they?

Can we suggest you consider putting them in scrap books? For as someone who is passionate about photography you probably have a great eye for color and composition, two of the building blocks of scrapbooking.

A great photo doesn’t require embellishment; yet it can be made to jump off the page as the focus of a scrapbooking layout.

With just a few scrapbooking supplies to start you off, printing your photographs in black and white to give maximum flexibility and avoid clashing if you don’t have the right color papers, you will have your scrapbooking layouts done in no time.

And if you prefer to try digital scrapbooking online to see if you like the results before you buy physical scrapbooking products, see our post Online Digital Scrapbooking from HOTP .

What’s left in the reasons to scrapbook category? Come back next week for the last three in our list.


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