Christening photo proofRecording family history is another of the reasons to scrapbook we are currently looking at. The history can be that of our parents, grandparents or of ourselves, for, much as we don’t like to think of it, we all become history.


At some point you may have looked through family albums and wondered who some of the people are. Maybe you knew them once but have forgotten names.

It’s great when we find an album with all the photographs, people and places named, with dates included. But how often does that happen? We have great intentions but don’t always get around to it. It’s so obvious to us who the people are we’ve no need to record their names; never thinking of the years to come.

I’ve heard sad stories of families clearing a home after a loved one has died, coming across old photographs and, not knowing why they were so treasured, they are thrown away.

With so many family break ups there is an even greater need to find our roots and be connected today. Consider filling in the gaps for your family. Take time to talk to your grandparents or parents while they are still with you. Record their stories while you can. You will all be blessed by it.

While you are doing that you may discover we all have a need to be known, so scrapbook your life too. Include the things that make you who you are, some of your history and hopes and dreams. You can be as introspective as you like – or not.

Connecting our families by making our history known is another of the great reasons to scrapbook. What else inspires you? Take time to vote in our poll and if your reason is not there tell us about it.


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