EmotionsExpressing feelings in your scrapbooking layouts is another in our reasons to scrapbook series. Strong emotions can overpower us. Stages of life can be exhilarating, tricky or complicated; writing things down helps sort the way through sometimes.


Are you perplexed, feeling hopeless, depressed or irritated? Scrapbook it! Are you excited, grateful, content? Scrapbook it! Do you feel like weeping, yelling, singing, laughing? Scrap it!

It seems that one minute of life can be full of trials and the next you’re on the mountain tops. In either event passions can run high. Scrapbook it!

Write a letter or a prayer. You can scrapbook it! You decide what goes in at this moment in time, whether you scrap current events or your past.

Sometimes the memories are not so rosy. You can record these too. However, it is much better to forgive and not dwell on sadness. Note I said ‘better’ and not ‘easier’. Forgiveness does not excuse the behavior. It does not take the pain away. Forgiveness is an act of will that says, “I will not allow (that incident) to disrupt my life any longer.” Do not waste your energy on becoming bitter. Forgiveness releases you to move on, and that’s where the healing comes. So choose to scrapbook the positives when you can, even when life throws a curve ball. (Here endeth the sermon. lol!)

Whatever your reasons to scrapbook expressing your feelings can help you work through things and decide on your strategy as you scrapbook it.


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