National Scrapbooking Day logo What will you be doing for National Scrapbooking Day? It’s only four days away now!

Are you trading favors with your hubby to get the day off? If he watches the kids this week, you’ll hold the fort (and not complain) next time he wants to go mountain biking, fishing or whatever his thing is. Or have you a generous parent, friend or sibling stepping in to give you some time for yourself?

Check out your local craft store or library, if you haven’t done so already, for events in your area, or make your own.

Flexibility in life is so important … I’ve invited some friends over for National Scrapbooking Day who haven’t tried scrapbooking before, but we’re not doing it this week, as it clashes with another local event. I’m having the best of both worlds: having a day to devote to my own scrapbooking projects and another to teach and encourage some friends who are new to the idea. I’ll let you know how we get on, and may even publish some of the results.

Why not use National Scrapbook Day to honor your mother? You could make a layout with your favorite photo of your mom, making it into a gift for Mother’s Day. Or scrap your mom’s favorite photo of you or the children or an old family pet and mount in a frame for her wall or desk.

It’s not only fun to spend time with friends at a crop, but motivating too. Bouncing ideas off one another and passing on helpful tips and suggestions increases the learning experience, making us better at our craft – better scrapbookers.

You don’t have to spend money to be part of National Scrapbook Day, or to make it enjoyable. If you are on a shoestring budget this year, try to make a layout that costs no more than $5, or challenge yourself to only use things from your scraps box. Even if you’re finances are not limited, try limiting them: see what you can do without spending any money. That shouldn’t be hard for any of us as I’ve seen what some of you have in your scrapbook rooms, and I know what’s in mine!

And don’t plan to sit at home with a long face if you were too late signing up for a class at your local scrapbook store. Check out the internet for a new layout idea or a challenging new technique to inspire you. There are millions of scrapbooking ideas available out there. Visit a website you haven’t been to before and see what they have to offer. And you won’t be the only one wanting to chat online because we couldn’t get to a class either.

So, how will you be spending this National Scrapbooking Day. Post a comment to let us all know what you’re planning. Then come back and post one of your favorite layouts from the day.

Looking forward to hearing from you.