hotp sb kitsMonthly scrapbooking kits are popular because your scrapbooking comes to you themed and already coordinated so you can enjoy the process without worrying about the details of design and spending more time than you want (or have available) in planning and choosing colors.

These kits come in paper through-the-mail kits as well as a wide variety of digital scrapbooking kits.

What’s so attractive about getting your supplies in a scrapbooking kit? Phrases like these give you an idea:

  • Perfectly Coordinated

I find it takes me ages to put colors together, and I know many people do not like this aspect of scrapbooking. Buying a monthly scrapbooking kit saves you the headache of selecting the ‘right’ supplies that coordinate perfectly. A kit will come perfectly coordinated and often following a theme or seasonal topic.

  • Delivered right to your Door (or your Computer)

A very welcome thought as winter approaches, lol! Just think, you’ll have coordinated kits without braving winter storms and snow. And what about the many hours you will save that you can spend scrapbooking instead of shopping (or surfing for scrapbooking supplies!)

  • Your own Personal Shopper

Ever wished you could afford to have someone else do the shopping for you? All our stores are self-service nowadays – and there’s never an attendant on hand when you need one – so you hunt down your quarry/supplies yourself. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be back in the days when the shop assistant knew his/her stock and could produce what you ask for? (And even a selection of products from which you can choose!) Well, that’s what happens when you buy a monthly scrapbooking kit; someone else has done the shopping for you.

  • Save Time

Time is precious and work does not leave much to spend on hobbies, housework or with family and friends, therefore something that saves you time and allows you to do the other things that need to be done, is worth a lot to us.

  • Affordability

More often than not, buying a monthly scrapbooking kit will save you money. Even if it doesn’t you spread the cost over the period of your membership.

  • Inspiration

With many kits you will also get great ideas for projects – but you don’t have to follow them exactly; they are like sketches, a springboard to your inspiration.

Find Digital Scrapbooking Kits here:

Find Paper Scrapbooking Kits here:

As well as their Scrapbooking Monthly Kits, at you will also find Cardmaking Monthly Kits, Class in a Box Monthly Kit, Katie’s Jewelry Monthly Kit, and their Girls Cre8 Club Monthly Kit for 7-12 year olds. Most, as you see in the name, are monthly kits but they also have 3 kits that come every two months: Templates Plus Bi-Monthly Kit, Stamps Only! Bi-Monthly Kit, Premier Dazzles Bi-Monthly Kit.

If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift idea, whether it’s monthly scrapbooking kits or inspiration for cards, daughters, nieces or another crafter in your life, there is plenty to choose from at these two websites.

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