Saving money is a necessity for most of us in today’s climate. So I was rather pleased when I heard what sounded like a great money-saving tip for a deckle-edge effect on scrapbook paper – without having to invest in another tool.

The tip is to raid your husband’s tools and borrow a saw. You can then tear your paper against it to get your decorative edge.

However, when I thought about it I realized the result might be bigger than I want sometimes – fine for a scrapbook layout but probably too big for a greetings card. (Plus I could just see me topple my desk as I tried to balance a big saw on it to get my torn edge, lol!)

Then I remembered my DH has a small saw with interchangeable blades for finer work. These blades are only about 8 inches long and I can take them off to make it easier to work with them. Problem solved! Now I have at least two variations. And as I think about it, DH has several saws with different blades which will give a variety of edges to my papers … wonder what else I can borrow? Lol!

There are many wonderful craft tools out there, but we can’t always afford another one. So money-saving tips are very welcome. Have you solved any tool shortage in an interesting way? Tell us about it.

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