252799 1437Memories are precious, and especially of times spent together with family you may not see as often as you’d like because they are scattered around the country, or even around the world. Making a memory book of these occasions helps capture the moments to warm your heart when you miss them. A special Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday together can easily be documented in a mini album (or a full size album if, like me, you take too many photos, lol!)

Your memory book can be as simple as a special photo album, or even better, a few scrapbook pages with stories from the Day.

Even if you have never scrapbooked before, you can intersperse your photos in an ordinary photo album with plain cards on which you write up some of the poignant moments, the funny childish quotes, or snippets of stories from the Day – et voila, a special memory book! Of course, remember to add names, dates and places for younger generations who will want to know in the future, Lord willing. The story is something we often forget to include in a photograph album, so I hope this is a timely reminder.

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