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We said we’d come back today with a sample layout made with this month’s scrapbooking sketch #17.

It’s a local beauty spot for us at ScrapbookingGems.com: peaceful and uncrowded. Just the place to go when you want to get away. And it’s in an area that’s one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets.

I met a lady one day who has lived here for many years. We were talking about how we liked the area and how pretty it is. She told me that at a family wedding in the south coast of England she was talking with a young wedding guest who asked where she lived. When she told him, he said he knew it well as it was his most favorite place to go hill-walking because he could walk for days and not meet another soul.

“But don’t tell anyone about it,” he said.

It seems that those who know it don’t want to share it. lol!

Layout: Best-Kept Secret

Products used in this layout:

  • Amanda’s Fruit Smoothie
  • Melissa’s Lifted Photos Biggie
  • Melissa’s Paper Templates Downtown


Journaling reads …
Whether you want to walk or cycle in the glens, mountain bike on world class courses, or hike the surrounding hills (some of which are 3000 feet high), this is a beautiful area in which to do it all; and it’s one of Scotland’s best kept secrets!

The region is rich in history, too. It’s where St Ninian landed when bringing Christianity to Scotland, and a thousand years later it was a significant area in Covenanter history. The Covenant was signed by those who refused to accept the King as self-appointed head of the church. That is God’s position they said; and thousands died for the truth of it. To this day the monarch is the head of the Church of England (Anglican) but not the Church of Scotland.

This is where I was born and grew up.

But having moved away at 17, I never appreciated it for what it was. When I moved back here a few years ago I was delighted to discover so much beauty and history. And I am proud to show our guests around.

These particular glens are quite close to my home and frequently visited – with or without guests. We love to go and see how much water is coming over the waterfall, or if there are any salmon leaping; we love to see if the geese or black swans are on the water; and, of course, in the spring we must go up to see the lambs.

The Sketch we used

Scrapbooking Sketch 17 from ScrapbookingGems.com
Note how we did not use two different papers as the sketch suggested, but gave an impression of them by typing the journaling in the top left block, and adding the splash of paint in the bottom right block.

We wanted to show that you do not have to use a sketch exactly as it is, but rather use it as inspiration to do your own thing.

What are your local attractions?

With the recent huge increases in fuel prices, not to mention food prices, we all need to cut back and maybe we can no longer afford to travel far this summer. Tell us about the places close to your home that you love to visit and take guests when they visit you. Is it a beauty spot, a place of historic interest or a fun place to go?

You can make your layout with this month’s scrapbooking sketch or use one of our earlier Sketches. If you need further help How Do I Use a Scrapbooking Sketch? may be useful. Happy scrapping!