sketch36 var2 sampleA beautiful, warm, Spring day and some boats on the river equal a great photo opportunity – just the ticket for this layout idea with sketch 36.

On the way to visit family recently I took these photos of the River Thames at Pangbourne in Berkshire. We stopped at The Swan for a coffee, and it was so peaceful watching the river.

There was a fun story on the wall at the entrance to The Swan.

Apparently it sits on what used to be the old Berkshire-Oxfordshire border. The two counties had different licensing laws and the locals took advantage of this by moving from one end of the bar to the other to extend their drinking time.

The Swan was where they finished the journey in 3 Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog by Jerome K. Jerome. In 1889 there were no motorboats and you had to row your way along the river. You can do the same journey today, with a lot less effort, if you wish, and stop at the same inns along the way.


Take a closer look

sketch36 var2 sample

The layout was made using PSE.

The empty sky above the hills in the background of the photo was the obvious spot to put the three small photographs, following the sketch exactly. The title and journaling are at the bottom.

I rather like the effect of the frame there. It gives the impression of looking at the scene through a window.

To make the frame

  • Decide on the size you want, the size of your canvas or smaller.
  • On a new layer choose the marquee tool.
  • Choose the fixed size option and enter the size.
  • Click on your new layer and the shape will appear surrounded by flashing dots.
  • Fill with color.
  • Hit ‘escape’ to get rid of the flashing dots.
  • Staying on the same layer, select the marquee tool again and reduce the sizes by about a quarter to half an inch, depending on how thick you want the frame. You are about to create a new shape just a little smaller than the previous one.
  • On the same layer, click just inside the previous shape, then position your new shape centrally.
  • Hit ‘delete’, and the centre should vanish, leaving you with a frame.
  • Hit ‘escape’ to get rid of the flashing dots.
  • Select a bevel and any other effects you wish to complete the frame.

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Hope you enjoyed the story and the photos. I love looking at other people’s photos. And I hope you found the frame instructions helpful. As for the layout idea, if it is not quite what you are looking for, then try one of our other scrapbooking sketches for inspiration. Thanks for looking.