typical girl alreadyAnother scrapbook layout idea this time we’ve used 9 photographs; 6 in a filmstrip across the page, and then 3 slightly larger ones in a triple frame.

Good, got Aunt Suzie’s phone. Now what does Mom do? Push this button, and this one … and … I’ll just try them all. Hallo, is that you Grandma? I’m a bit bored with Mommy, can you come and get me? You can? Oh goody!” (Well, wishful thinking Isabella says, lol!)

Better make sure you keep the real phones locked or you’ll have bills for baby-talk calls all over the world. I remember answering my telephone one day and a toddler was on the other end. No idea who he was. I tried to coax him to get his mother but he just kept talking to me. When I couldn’t get him to call an adult I said goodbye and hung up. Wonder who he got next?

The concentration on her face as she plays with the buttons is cute, and the expressions as she talks are so funny. (See the larger photo below.) How would you suggest the conversation goes?

That’s what scrapbooking is all about; capture the moments and make a layout to remind you. You probably don’t want many layouts of the mundane days, but if you do not have your camera in your hand or within reach you’ll miss those special moments that are priceless. Thankfully, with digital nowadays, you do not have to print those that are not special.


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typical girl already

We use PSE and digital supplies by Anne Langpap,Tia Bennett, The Queen Of Quirk, Hero Arts, Betsy Tuma, Michelle Underwood, Rhonna Farrer – all designers at Two Peas in a Bucket. You’ll find 2 Peas have a huge selection of paper scrapbook supplies by the top companies. Here are two links where you can search by your favorite brand or digital supplies.

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