01-Sketch-Idea Sample WEB

Here is a sample layout made with scrapbooking sketch #29.

It’s a much busier style than I normally make but the kit had such fun elements that reflected the fun-loving nature of my Mum that it seemed to fit. (Mum’s the one in the back row of the photo making bunny ears behind the foreman, lol!)

This sketch was a good opportunity to use an old photo that was not the best quality.

I had some trouble getting the shadow on the title. I added a cardboard effect to the word and then expected to be able to add a second style by holding shift while dragging the style to the page. It didn’t work, so I duplicated the title layer, adjusted the hue/saturation to white and then to grey, placing it behind and a little below and to the right of the original to create my shadow. If you know what I should have done to get the second style to hold, I’d appreciate it if you would let me know. If I find out first I’ll try to remember to put it here.

I also tried holding the control key and that didn’t work either … maybe my computer was too tired. Sigh!


Taking a closer look …


01-Sketch-Idea Sample WEB

Products used:

Angie Briggs’ ‘Just Be‘ collection from Scrap Girls which includes


In case you are wondering about the title …

The ‘Landgirls’ were the women of the UK who worked the land when all the men were called up for military service during World War 2. Until then, the labour intensive work had been predominantly men’s work, but even with no men around the country still had to be fed, so the women were ‘called up’ to do the work – becoming known as Landgirls.

The comment about being ’10 years too late’ in the sub-title refers to the fact my mother and her friends had been too young for service during the war – they were only toddlers when war broke out. Nevertheless, ten years after the war, as adults in the 1950s and living in a rural area, there was plenty of work most of the year gathering in the crops.

Growing up, I remember my Mum say many times that it was ‘back-breaking work’ and she hoped her children would never have to do it. We didn’t.

This was ‘Landgirls’, a sample layout using our scrapbooking sketch 29. You can view more page templates if you’d like to try one. Thanks for looking.