There are times when something so momentous happens that we always remember what we were doing when we heard the news. Our journaling prompts today ask ‘Where were you when …?

So, where were you when …

  • War broke out: eg. world war two, Korea, Vietnam, first Gulf war, 2nd Gulf war?
  • Assassinations or attempted ones: eg. JFK, Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul 2, President Reagan, Prime Minister Rabin?
  • man landed on the moon?
  • Any one of the attacks on the innocent at schools, colleges and churches?
  • Natural disaster struck: eg. Mount St Helen, Asian tsunami, Haitian earthquake?
  • Terrorists attacks: eg. Lockerbie bombing, the World Trade Centre, London Underground, Madrid trains?
  • Other significant event you remember

Pick a few or concentrate on one, the choice is yours.

With a journaling prompt like this you may not have any relevant photographs so it’s an opportunity to be creative with words. So, where were you when … and how did you react?

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