I find journaling prompts very helpful. They don’t just prompt a scrapbook layout idea, but often provide a title for the layout too. So when I saw a layout the other day with a title something like ‘what I love about you’ I thought the idea could be extended to offer a variety of alternatives. So here are my suggestions:

What I Love About …

  • you (the prompt that got us started)
  • my job
  • school
  • family
  • where I live
  • life / my life
  • books
  • my best friend
  • hobby
  • pet
  • my car
  • gardens
  • the zoo
  • my brother

Scrapbooking journaling prompts are almost as useful as a sketch, and if you combine the two you’ll get that album completed in no time. If you’d like to add your favorite idea to the list then use the comments. Thanks for looking in today.