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I remember faithfully writing my letters to Santa as a child. We had ‘real’ fires in those days, and my Mum used to light it in the fire and send it up the chimney to him. So we won’t find any to add to the scrapbooks for this journaling prompts challenge, lol!

My own children mailed them to ‘care of the north pole’. So no copies there either to scrapbook.

Nowadays we can photograph them and upload them ready for scrapbooking. So here I am to remind you so you’ll have time to photograph them before the children send them off this year.

I remember when I was about four years old seeing a pile of wrapped presents sitting on a chair in the corner of the dining room. Mum told me they were waiting to be collected by Santa. I came back a short time later and they were gone, and I was one convinced little girl! I mean, where else could them have gone? He must have taken them.

So here are two journaling prompts: letters to Santa, and early Christmas memories. You may not have photos for the latter so you could write the story on a postcard and feature that in your layout as if it were a photo.

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