How often do we think to decorate the envelope, too? I mean, we may have spent hours making the card and it looks great. Then we tip it into a plain, dowdy old envelope. Where’s the fun in that?

Make the most of your scrapbooking supplies and try these ideas to liven up the envelopes you send your greetings cards in:

1. Line the inside of your envelope to match the card

  • place the envelope on the corner of your paper so the bottom and one side overhang the edge by about one centimeter or 3/8 of an inch
  • draw round the other two sides and cut out the paper
  • this will give you a shape to fit inside your envelope, just a little bit smaller than the envelope itself; glue the top edge firmly to the inside of the flat to hold it in place, pretty side showing


2. Decorate the outside of your envelope

It’s a good idea to keep the front of the envelope free of too much embellishment to allow the mailman to read the address!

However, you can cover the outside of the flap to match your card. Here’s how:

  • add glue to the outside of the flap up to the folded edge
  • place the flap on the edge of your patterned paper and press down firmly to make sure it is stuck together
  • cut around the edge
  • it’s important to make sure it is firmly stuck, for you do not want a loose edge to interfere with the machinery at the sorting office and have your handy work destroyed by it

You could also stick a little paper embellishment or a greeting to the front of your envelope at the bottom left-hand corner. However, keep it very flat and make sure it is well stuck down.

3. Decorate the edge of the envelope

  • ink the edges
  • draw some edging doodles, like small swirls, dots and lines, etc, just as you might edge your scrapbook page or journaling block
  • simple colored lines also add interest


4. Create a pretty address label

If you do not want to add embellishments to your envelope, then consider making a pretty address label for your envelope. Digital scrapbooking supplies will come in handy here. Or choose a pretty flower, border-edge or other appropriate clipart image for your label, leaving plenty of room to write the address.

With digital products you could create a label to cover the whole front of the envelope to match the card, leaving a white panel for the address and return address to be clearly seen.

Similarly, cover the front of the envelope with matching patterned paper and add large white labels for the address and return address. They will be easily seen this way.

When you take time to decorate the envelope for your greetings card, the recipient’s excitement and anticipation starts even before they see the card inside.

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