I live in a small town. We have two stores that sell craft supplies. One is an art store with a few crafty bits on the side. The other came about as a result of one lady who made wedding invitations. There was such a demand that she opened a shop.

But they both cater for cardmaking rather than scrapbooking.

It’s a long way to my nearest scrapbook store, so I buy most of my scrapbooking supplies on the internet.

While it’s great to have the huge range of scrapbooking supplies available online, I am a ‘touchy’ person and sense a lot through my fingers. You can’t beat being able to sift through a book of scrapbooking papers and feel their weight and quality. Or hold your photos against a selection of paper and cardstock to choose the exact color you need. Or feel the weight of a particular scrapbook embellishment.

There’s a lot more to choosing [tag]scrapbooking products[/tag] than meets the eye.

If I came to your town, which scrapbooking store would you take me to? What could we see, or do there? What makes it so special to be worth the trip?