Kens Promise - A4Ellie had seen some excellent examples of digital scrapbooking at various websites and wanted to have a go.

What she didn’t want was to have to splash out just yet to buy one of the photo software programs in case she didn’t like it, so thought she’d cheat and try it out in what she did have and was already familiar with … Microsoft Publisher.

And here is Ellie’s first attempt at a digital scrapbook layout.

She chose a pale yellow patterned background ‘paper’ to match the yellow of the daffodils. This was achieved with one of the fill effects on the color fill button. The rectangle is filled with little black shapes in case you can’t see it. (Sorry, we’ve lost some detail as we shrunk the image to post it here. We’ll work on that. Meanwhile just imagine a bright Spring yellow rather than the sludge that appears to be showing!)

Ellie ‘matted’ the photo on a white and then a black filled rectangle, added a strip of ‘ribbon’ (a color filled narrow rectangle), and then two ‘brads’ made with the oval button – hold down the control key to get a circle. The journaling is on one of the basic shapes from the autoshapes button (basic shapes/folded corner.)

As Ellie said, “It’s not quite the real thing but it showed me what’s possible with even the most basic of programs.”

It’s given me courage to try the Photoshop Elements that came with my computer next. Although that looks a bit scary so I’ll have to wait until I’ve time to do the tutorial!