Deb asked recently about how to color coordinate your scrapbook page. We’ve spoken a little about choosing colors before (Use the search box on the right column to find posts, and check out Choosing Color Schemes.)

However, since those articles were written, online color matching has moved on at a great pace. I noticed recently that have an online photo match and color wheel you can use -and you don’t have to sign up to use it!

Now that may well be old news to you, but have you tried it? I’ve only just found it and thought it was great, so I’m writing this in case, like me, you didn’t know about it. There is also a video to show you how to use it – and it’s very easy. The links above or below will take you there.

For the photo match option, upload your photograph (the video shows you how) and the system will select a color scheme and suggest products that match.

The other thing I thought clever was that I could give a product and it would show coordinating supplies from their lists. So if I was looking for things that worked together, or to go with something I already had, it could suggest a match. Obviously want to sell things, but it’s like this is their equivalent of a friendly, helpful  member of staff at a local scrapbook store.

So if you are wondering how to color coordinate your scrapbook page, or are just looking for another product to match something you already have and need a little something else to set it off, then try scrap by color at Have fun scrapping!