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We’re talking about scrapbook paper again, and looking at another idea for what to do with all those paper scraps and unloved scrapbook papers in your stash. Today’s suggestion: give away the papers you don’t like.

There’s nothing new in that, but we can be selfish about it and give them to friends whom we know will return the favor soon. Or we can be unselfish and give them to those who would love them but cannot afford them, or to those who make cards for charity.

Being the hoarder I am, I’ve been erring on the selfish side for too long. However, a tip I saw recently may be the answer I’m looking for. The tip was to keep a box close to your work table and to drop any good size scraps of scrapbooking paper into it, plus any papers you no longer like. The crucial part of this tip that will make all the difference is … do not look at what you’ve put in the box – once it’s in the box it stays in the box!

On many a clear-out day that’s where I’ve fallen down; I always had a last look at the things I was throwing out. And, you’ve guessed, half the stuff was put back on the shelves. So, I need to repeat to myself: once it’s in the box, it stays in the box. Now say it again after me … lol!

Why not start a great scrapbook paper charity giveaway?

Many paper crafters already contribute greetings cards to charities, but why not multiply our fund raising efforts especially as many charities have seen their donations plummet this year.

A few fund raising suggestions are:

  • charge an extra entry fee at your crop: $1 (US, CAN, AUD, SGD), 1 rand, £1, 1 euro, 1 real – whatever your currency is, and give it to a local charity
  • you could include a donation of paper craft material with it
  • organize some scrap parties and ask participants to contribute to the charity scrap box
  • organize a charity card making class with the scraps, sell the cards locally and send the money to a charity
  • pool your Christmas scrapbook papers and organize a Christmas card making class; charge a participant fee to go to the charity, and donate some of the cards to raise more funds
  • have a sponsored scrapping session: how many layouts can you make in one hour, or how many cards can you or a group of you make in a given time
  • gather donations of scrapbook tools, scrapbook papers, scrapbook kits – new and well-loved – from your scrap buddies, local stores, manufacturers, and auction them, donating the money raised to the charity

If you have more ideas please add them to the comments then others can benefit from them too.

Keep a box for donations at your crop and when it’s full donate it to someone who makes cards for charity.

There are many people who make cards for hospitals, hospices, troops, and just as a blessing to others, who would welcome donations. Check locally or on the internet for how to contact them.

What can go into the charity box?

You won’t feel so bad about parting with your lovely scrapbooking stash knowing they are going to a good cause. Be generous – make sure it’s not all your 1/16 inch shavings you put in the box, lol!

Always keep a box handy so it’s easy to drop bits in. Remember, don’t look at them again or you’ll start pulling things out again; once it goes in the box it stays in the box! When the box is full, give it away.

Drop in any spare papers, rub-ons, stickers or other embellishments as and when you come across them or can afford to buy a little extra to include. Even left over letter stickers and rub-ons can be used because somebody will have a friend whose name begins with Z or some of the other less-used letter.

It’s very easy to be swayed by bling and the latest fashion in the scrapbook store, only to decide a few days later that something is not to your taste after all. No problem! Drop them into your charity box.

Got loads of papers you loved once upon a time and now wonder why? Drop them into your charity box.

Don’t forget to add a few ribbon pieces, as well as out-of-date or out-of-fashion papers. Or how about that roll of ribbon that is not quite the shade you thought it was? Drop them in.

When giving to a home or hospice add a few extras like some adhesive, punched-out shapes, perhaps some stamped images, coloring pencils, a few things that sparkle and add bling, a spare pair of scissors (or two), some cardstock cut and scored into blank cards, and envelopes. Make sure there is enough to make at least a few cards.

Who may like to receive your box?

  • retirement homes
  • children’s homes
  • cards for troops
  • children’s charities
  • medical/cancer charities
  • women’s refuges
  • a local hospital or hospice may be able to use them as part of therapy programs
  • even local schools may welcome your excess scrapbook products as severe financial cuts bite into budgets

If you make cards for a charity, know someone who does, or a charity who’d like to receive a box like this, please put contact details in the comments below so others can help, too. Please seek the recipient’s permission, before you add private information. This is an international opportunity – if you found our website then others from your country will too, so include contact information for your own country.

Just one final thing: do check your chosen charity is happy to receive donations of materials or if they prefer you to raise funds rather than donate the material. We do not wish to inundate them with things they cannot use nor to give them more work than necessary.

So, turn you scrapbook paper into charity $$$, and have fun doing it.

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