Circle-sketch Sample-2-1 WEB

“I just had to make a scrapbooking layout with these photos of my son & daughter,” Isabella said. “They were being so silly – even at their age!” she laughed.

“Using sketch 27, I had great fun experimenting with PSE. I made the scalloped edge with a ring of small circles side by side – don’t know if there’s a quicker way to do it, but this worked. I colored them, and added an inner ridge. I loved the effect.”

It was interesting to see Isabella made this layout with very few scrapbooking products. Her main items were shapes and effects she found in PhotoShop Elements. She added stitches, brads and a date fragment – credits below.


So what did Isabella do to get the great effects?

As she said, she made the scalloped edge from a ring of small circle shapes. They had to be simplified before adding the other effects, which includes a teal Glass Button effect as well as the Inner Ridge.

As in the sketch, the large circles are made up of quarter shapes from Elements. The inner ones acted as masks for her photographs, and to get the rainbow of colors on the outer ones she added the Angled Spectrum effect, again from PSE. (Go to Effects, click ‘show all’, and it’s the 3rd one in the list – oh, unless, of course, you’ve added lots of other effects beginning with ‘a’!) Because the effect was added individually to each shape, the angles vary on each one.

Using the warped text tool to shape the title – similar to the wordart tool in MSWord – it was then given a gold pearl effect, and then an inner ridge … Isabella did say she loved that one, didn’t she. It’s been applied to most things in this layout, lol!

The brackets were given the glass button and the inner ridge treatments.

To finish off, a row of stitches was added around the outer edge of the black background, with a brad in each corner and a scrap with the date added to one of them. These products came from:  Jake and Emma, and Noteworthy.

Take a Closer look at the layout …

Circle-sketch Sample-2-1 WEB


Isabella had fun with this funny faces scrapbooking layout using our sketch 27. For more sketches see our free templates It’s a lot more colorful than the one I made earlier and stands out well on the black background. Thanks for looking.