Fathers Love LetterWith Father’s Day approaching, this is to honor my adoptive Father who loves me more than I could imagine was possible.

My biological father walked out on my mother, brother and me. My mother was only 24 years old. My brother was one year old. I was four and a half. The breakup took its toll on my mother’s health, but she tried to love us enough to make up for it, and worked as hard as her poor health would allow to provide for us.

We take such breakups for granted today. Oh, well, they’ll survive. Why don’t we look around with open eyes and see the damage we do when we give in to our selfishness. “I’m all right, Jack. I’ve moved on and am having a great time.” But what about the trail of destruction we leave behind. The pain we cause.

Being cast off, thrown away by someone you love hurts abominably!

As scrapbookers we know what happens when we try to tear apart two pieces of card stuck together with strong glue: each part is damaged to its core and not repairable. Yes you can cover it up, but it’s still the same ripped up, rough interior beneath the cover-up. You can feel it when you touch it.

Why do we think people are not hurt to their core when we tear relationships apart – I’ve seen something/someone new and better and I’m moving on? We try to cover up the damage; we build up scar tissue, but the internal damage is not so easily repaired. It doesn’t matter for no one sees it, we say. No one wants to see it!

We have built a fatherless generation. And just like I did, people are crying out to be loved unconditionally.

There’s hope!

I was adopted when I was sixteen. It took me a long time to adjust and believe someone could love me and accept me for who I am – when you’ve been hurt it takes a long time to learn to trust again. Once I really began to make the effort to get to know my adoptive Father he showed me just how different he is. My adoptive Father’s love for me has built me up and is a blessing every day, and I honor him this Father’s Day.

Your father may not have been there either …

Allow me to introduce you to my Father. Read, watch, or listen to his Love Letter and hear how much he cares for you too.

After listening, you can learn more here if you’d like to.

God bless you.