EllieI’m Ellie and my path to scrapbooking started with a general interest in craft as a child. Encouraged by my favorite television show which frequently had a craft slot, I often made the items they demonstrated.

My mother was an avid knitter – I don’t remember her sitting down without a pair of knitting needles in her hands. I knit my first pair of socks when I was nine and a sweater when I was ten. That may sound impressive, but in reality the sweater was too much – I got bored and my grandmother ended up doing some of it. I don’t think I ever wore it (or the socks!) I eventually decided knitting was ok as long as the item was small.

I loved sewing, and would frequently sew or knit clothes for my dolls. When I was eleven I made my first dress – for myself. Since then I have sewn many things from baby clothes to a ballgown, wedding dress, and bridesmaids dresses. I’ve also done embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork, applique, and made a kingsize quilt that still isn’t finished.

The size of the quilt beat me – like the sweater. We used it on a few warm summer nights, even although it’s held together by safety pins. And one night my husband found the needle I’d lost – thread still attached! LOL! (He wasn’t laughing.)

Since those early years I’ve enjoyed many crafts. Some were passing phases and others held my attention longer. Skills learned have not been forgotten even if used infrequently, from dressmaking to quilting to baking and cake decoration to scherenschnitte and cardmaking.

Many cardmaking techniques work really well for scrapbooks too. It was while buying card supplies that I first happened upon scrapbooking. Being the craft junkie that I am, I’m glad to have two crafts for the price of one!

When I started scrapbooking, I visited many websites and read magazines to learn about it. I pull ideas from various sources to achieve the layout I want. As a result, like most of us I suspect, my layouts are a little bit of this, a little bit of that and perhaps occasionally a little bit of original inspiration! LOL!

I usually prefer a layout that’s not too busy, but that’s probably because when I try to include too many elements it never looks right. Some of you can do that to great effect. So when I want this it’s easier to do a scraplift that I know will work rather than waste time and resources.

There are loads of examples of scrapbook pages out there. Don’t be afraid to try them. They’re not just helpful to anyone who’s new to scrapbooking but can be a bonus to the experienced scrapbooker too.

At Scrapbooking Gems, some of the work will be mine but not any more than I have to. We’d love to showcase your scrapbook layouts and we’ll give you a slot to talk about them. I’ll be happy to get feedback and tips on how to improve any of my layouts. You can leave a comment or email Genie at Scrapbooking Gems dot com – all lower case and in the usual email format.

Check out the magazines in your local stores and the web for great inspiration. And once you’ve done that come and share it with all of us. We’ll not delete your comments because you refer to another website. We all want to do a good job and can help each other do it.

It’ll be good to get to know you. Pity we can’t have that coffee and chocolate cake together while doing it. I can vouch for Genie’s chocolate cake recipe. It really is fantastic. If you want a copy of the recipe ask for it when you make a comment and we’ll email it to you. It has a chocolate fudge frosting that’s sooooooooo good – with or without the cake! LOL

Tell us about your path to scrapbooking and what inspires you. Then send us a photo of some of your scrapbook pages and we’ll post it to inspire everyone.

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