Which shows greater love? An elegant Valentine card you spent a fortune on at the store, or a homemade card that took a few minutes at the kitchen table.

Today’s homemade cards look anything but home made with so many wonderful scrapbooking products to choose from. And have you noticed how the card industry is now mimicking hand made cards?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner the perennial dilemma arises again …

Will you be put down for giving a handmade card rather than the elegant shop bought one?

There’s a saying that it’s the thought that counts.

So let me encourage you with a story from my friends to show you the truth of the axiom: that the warmth of the memory of the occasion WILL long outlive the events of the day.

Sweethearts Bill and Ellie were High School sweethearts. It would probably have started earlier than that for Bill, but Ellie hankered after a senior – fickle woman that she was. The senior ignored her while Bill’s devotion was true.

They eventually dated, but even there Bill had to fight for her as she had eyes for another. Is it worth persevering? Bill obviously thought so – and they are still together thirty six years later.

When asked about her most memorable Valentine’s Day card, Ellie got misty-eyed remembering her poor student boyfriend who made a card for her with a file in it – no she didn’t need to break out of jail.

The sentiment is forever fixed in her mind: “Sorry it’s not a diamond ring … but a diamond nail file is the next best thing!” It was a sheet of paper from his notebook, folded in half and with a diamond nail file held in place with some sticky tape!

It was another couple of years before Bill could afford the diamond ring!

(Bill, overhearing, says, “Did I say that? It’s so corny it must be original! “)

That’s a fun story, but note how Ellie still remembers the card thirty plus years later.

Many keen card makers and scrapbookers will be planning and preparing their projects. Their love for their craft and their families shining through their cards and scrapbook pages – and so does their talent!

Here’s how to make the Valentine’s card at the top

Brad Buddies 6/Pkg-Romance– designed by Susan Cobb at Hot Off The Press.

You will need: white card 5 x 6 1/2 in, envelope, red paper, black paper or light card, black ribbon, a little spare white card and these wonderful Brad Buddies – Romance which come in a pack of 6.

Basic cardmaking or scrapbooking tools: black pen and pencil, a craft knife, cutting mat and black ink pad.

  1. Cut the red paper to 4 1/2 x 6 in and mat on black leaving a very thin edge showing. Glue to the card.
  2. Draw a rectangle template on white card (1 1/2 x 2 1/2 in) and use this to draw lightly with a black pen on the front of your card about 2 in down from the top. Use pencil first of all if you prefer.
  3. Open the card and placing it on your cutting mat, cut out the rectangle leaving the black lines showing.
  4. xoxocardClose the card, then place the XOXO brad in the window and mark lightly with a pencil at the spots where the heart brads will go. Using the tip of your knife, cut a hole at each mark, then attach the brad buddy with the heart brads.
  5. Write ‘Be Mine’ on a small rectangle of white card then mount on black. You can print it with the computer on paper if you prefer. Attach at bottom right of the aperture when done.
  6. About 2 in from the bottom of the card, glue a length of black ribbon horizontally and with the same ribbon make a little bow and attach it with a glue dot – balance it to the left of the card.
  7. Ink the outside edges of the card to finish.

This simple, elegant card could just as easily be an anniversary card. Or change the sentiment and it becomes an engagement card or wedding card.

Today’s elegant Valentine cards are made at home with the wonderful choice of scrapbooking products available now.

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