“Making digital scrapbook pages is simple? I don’t believe you!” says Hannah. Then adds, “Is that possible? It sounds so complicated I’ve given it a wide berth.”

Would you like to make simple but beautiful digital scrapbook pages and even albums quickly?

“I have a more-than-fulltime-job and a family to look after,” Mary-Jo said. “I don’t have time to add anything else to my schedule.”

But you’d love to, wouldn’t you? And aren’t you just a little bit curious … yes?

“How can I make digital scrapbook pages when I don’t have time to learn new programs,” Marlene grumbled, irritated at the thought of more pressure being added to her life. “Never mind buying more computer software I can’t afford?” she added.

But you take digital photographs of your family all the time … and when on vacation you can be snap-happy … so there are lots of photographs clogging up your hard drive, yes? So what do you do with them?

“I print off one or two of the best and make a card for my Mom from time to time. Sometimes I get a scrapbook page made with one or two and Mom’s delighted to get that as a birthday gift,” Katie-Marie said. “She’s always happy to get photos of the kids.”

Wouldn’t it be great to make a scrapbook page in just a few minutes and email it to Mom or your sister to let them see how the kids change from month to month? And what about Grandma? How about getting a scrapbook page you made delivered to her door?

Well, the opportunity to make fast, easy, computer scrapbook pages with your digital photographs is coming soon to a screen near you, as the cinema ads all say. Or at least they used to say … I don’t have time myself to go these days. LOL. So I know what you’re saying.

Check back soon to find out about this great new way to make digital scrapbook pages … simple!


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