These definitions will be very useful as you plan your scrapbook layout [tag]color schemes[/tag].


Different tints, shades and tones of one color.

color wheel - shades

color wheel - tints



Tints (on the left) are made by adding white …


… while shades (on the right) are made by adding black.






Tones are shown below by the amount of pressure applied to the pencil.

color wheel drawing violet tones




color wheel - analogousAnalogous:
Up to 4 colors next to one another on the color wheel. Analogous colors are harmonious and pleasing to the eye.


color wheel - complementary


2 colors directly opposite one another on the color wheel – one primary and one secondary. Complementary pairs contrast because they share no common colors.



color wheel - EKSuccessTriadic:
3 colors that form a triangle on the color wheel and are an equal distance apart. Shown here are primary and secondary triangles.