Blue boxCreative ideas from one scrapbooking mom to another … As your student goes off to college, whether for the first time or for the last, consider making a survival kit that will encourage, help, come to your student’s aid in daily emergencies – or cover all eventualities!


Shoe box survival kit

BoxThere are a variety of survival kit ideas. Some are just for fun, but this one is practical, too. Use a shoebox or a carton that will hold everything yet store easily without taking up too much space in your student’s new (and probably little) room.

Use your scrapbooking supplies to decorate it and to make gift tags to attach to each item in the kit. On each gift tag write your advice, a message of love, or something funny, and attach it to the object it relates to.

These are some of my favorite ideas to include:

  • Batteries – (whatever size your student uses most) to keep you going and going and going
  • Rubber bands – a reminder to stay flexible and to reach out to bring others into your circle
  • Flashlight – to see the best paths and to be a light to those around you. Others will follow where you lead. Choose your paths wisely.
  • A bag of Marbles – for when you lose yours (and to have some fun with)
  • M&Ms, Skittles or other small colored candy – list an attribute for each color that will make you feel better. Examples might be: yellow will brighten a cloudy day; blue will cool a raggedy temper; green will give peace and tranquility in the midst of stress, etc. The final comment: on a really tough day you can eat the lot! Maybe you’ll need to keep sending these throughout the year. lol!
  • A piece of rope – for when you get to the end of yours
  • A bag of chocolate kisses – because we love you, love you, love you, way beyond the end of the bag
  • Tylenol (or your usual pain relief medication) – for when the task set is a headache
  • A little bag of smooth stones – life can be tough at times but consider the beauty and strength that results (one stone will work, but sometimes it’s the rough and tumble of mixing with other ‘stones’ that rubs off the rough edges!)
  • A bag of spare buttons – may you always know when it’s better to button it!
  • Sewing kit – a stitch in time saves nine! (An old one but still true!)
  • Cotton balls – in the tough times family and friends are a good buffer
  • Puzzle piece – there will always be a place that only you can fill in our lives

You can also include …

Coupons from the internet or other sources to help spread the load of living expenses – this is not just a start-of-term job; you can look out for these all year long. They can be for basics like food and toiletries, to help with book or motoring expenses, or for hobby items to help your student relax.

If you make a Sarabinder you can slip some coupons inside the pockets or envelopes to surprise your student at some opportune time.

So that’s our creative ideas for a student survival kit. These are just some ideas to be getting on with. I’m sure you’ll think of lots more. Share them with us below.