Circle-sketch Cows3 WEB

Making a circle layout with scrapbooking sketch #27 was a new experience in many ways.

I’ve experimented a little with PSE6 and some of its shapes, and styles from my favorite digital scrapbooking supplies company as I try to learn what can be done with digital scrapbooking.

A scrapbooking layout about cows may not be to everyone’s taste and my photographs do not do them justice. However these were magnificent creatures … and quite cute, too.

I’d been looking for an excuse to do something with these photographs for ages, so thought I’d try this layout. As I said, the photos are not the best quality but scrapbooking is about the memories as much as the photos. The thing about digital scrapbooking is that if I get some better photos later I can change this layout … although I suspect I may well make another, because I’m sure I’ll have learned more by then. But you get the point, I’m sure, lol.

The cows are: (clockwise from top left) Jersey calves, Jersey cow, Belted Galloway, Highland Cow. (I’m certain of the lower two, but not 100% on the top ones, so if you know they are something else let me know and I’ll correct it.)

Taking a Closer Look at this Layout:

Circle-sketch Cows3 WEB


Products Used in this Layout:

• St. Patrick’s Day
• Day To Day Life
• Up at the Villa

• Zoom Pages: Well Loved
• Playful Swirls
• PSE6

• Styles: Well Loved 5001
• Styles: Pearl 5101
• Styles: Inked Edges Basics 4101

• from Noteworthy Paper

Techniques Used in this Layout:
• Selected a ¼ circle from PSE6’s shapes, duplicated it 3 times to get the circle, then duplicated the circle and reduced the size slightly to get the two layer effect.
• Inked the edges.
• Typed a curly bracket, enlarged it, simplified it which allowed me to add the painted effect, an inner ridge and a high shadow a drop shadow and Pearl style.
• Added the Painted style to the swirl.

The journaling is in two semi-circles around the outer circle of the layout, and reads: “On a visit to Dingle in SW Ireland, these beautiful creatures lived in the field next door, & on a visit to Gretna in Scotland we met the Belted Galloway and the Highland Coo.”

A Useful Tip I learned while making this layout:

To Add a Second Style to a digital scrapbooking LayerHold down the control key while dragging the new style on to your document. It didn’t seem to work at first, so I assumed I did something wrong or got confused with the styles and effects I was using. However it did work on another layout I was making, and I realized you have to be careful which styles you try to put together as some are more subtle than others and therefore do not show so easily, especially if working on a busy layout or working on a small object.

‘Till the Cows come Home’ is a circle layout with scrapbooking sketch 27. If you’d like to see more sketches you’ll find them in Free Templates.