All on a Christmas Holiday 3 This Christmas scrapbooking page, whose title is ‘All on a Christmas Holiday’, has 11 photographs and just a couple of embellishments.

Multiple photo layouts are really useful for Christmas pages as we usually take a lot of photos.

Add a second page to make this into a two-page spread and you could have at least 22 photographs in one layout. That’s not bad going!

Isabella said, ‘I took so many photographs I’ll have to make a companion page for this at least, if not a whole scrap book album. As a stand alone layout this covers the bases of what we did over the Christmas holidays – visiting family, doing the tourist bit, and having family over on Christmas Day.’

For fun Isabella added trails of light coming from the star.

It would be very easy to make this into a two-page spread

To do so, just mirror the photo placements to continue the flow, and continue the brad line or ribbon across the second page. You could add a journaling block top or bottom to tell more of your story. Or change one or more of the photo spaces into a journaling space.

All on a Christmas Holiday

The idea for this layout sprung from a Becky Higgins sketch Isabella saw a while back in Becky’s book Creative Sketches, Vol. 2. She didn’t use the sketch as the basis for this page, but as so often happens, one sketch can influence another; even if it is just aligning two rows of photos along a centre line.

Here are the larger images where you can see Isabella added short bursts of text with some of the photographs.

All on a Christmas Holiday


All on a Christmas Holiday 3

We hope this Christmas scrapbooking page gives you more ideas for your own Christmas layouts. Relish the memories as you make your pages … and share them with us. To do so, drop me an email with a photo or the link to where it is, to my name (first name only) at this website dot com. (If you’ve ever emailed me and not had a response, please try again in case I didn’t get it. I do reply to mail I receive.) Happy Scrapping!

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