This Christmas Dreaming layout uses free scrapbooking embellishments and Photoshop Elements. Many websites offer free digital supplies so it’s worth looking around, especially in the current climate of price increases and salary decreases. It’s a winning combination for any scrapper.

Well, this layout could say ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ just like the song, for, while it did not snow on Christmas Day itself (at least where we were), there was plenty of the white stuff around! Now all things are relative, so don’t think Alaskan or even New York depths of snow – we don’t get those levels here. Because it’s so rare it only takes a couple of inches to force the country to a standstill – and we’d a lot more than that this year! It was a white Christmas for many of us here in the UK this year.

As I write this, the sun is shining from a clear blue sky on a still white landscape outside my window. So what’s unusual about that I hear you saying? Well, being a small island surrounded by sea, even at these latitudes, the snow does not usually last long. Temperatures have hardly been above freezing for about three weeks and snow has fallen ‘snow on snow’ like the carol says, making ice sandwiches on pavements, steps, gardens, fields and country roads.

Taking a closer look at the layout:

2009-Christmas-Day-Ken WEB

I extracted my DH from the photograph using PSE’s magic wand and with a little extra help from the eraser tool. I then added the Santa hat and added some depth so they didn’t look flat.

DH dozed off briefly on Christmas afternoon and I only just snapped this photo before he woke up. (Must have been that second helping of Christmas pudding that did it, lol!) And what do you do when you’re sleeping? Why you dream, of course! So I imagined DH dreaming of our children and used a photograph of each taken on our Christmas visits. (My first time not cooking Christmas lunch in about 25 years!!)

Products used:

  • Free paper papers and embellishments fromvarious sources.
  • From the Photoshop Elements program I used the texturing effect on the background paper (lighter green paper), the corners, the dream bubbles and a shape as a mask for the paper.

I had fun making this Christmas Dreaming layout. Why don’t you explore your photo-editing software and see what new things you can use. You can also check out the free digital papers and embellishments.

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