How to Download a Sketch

People have been asking me how to download a sketch. There are three options, depending on what you want to do. Firstly, right-click on the image and select ‘print picture’ to do just that. Next, if you want to make a copy to file then right-click and...

Simple Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

This simple scrapbooking layout idea uses five photographs, some brads, a word fragment and journaling block. It includes text on the dark area of the large photo.

That’s it! As I said: simple! Read on for a few scrap booking tips.

Simple Budget Christmas Scrapbook Page

This simple, budget Christmas scrapbook page is made without buying any extra supplies. Yes, it’s a Christmas layout, but it could just as happily be a Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary scrapbook page – any occasion where you want to spend the money on gifts rather than scrapbooking!

Seniors Discover Success in Scrapbooking Class

A scrapbooking class is a great place to start scrapbooking, and a beginners’ class is pitched at just the right level to enthuse everyone. Read about one class of seniors who took the first steps to tell their story in scrapbook pages.