Martha Stewart Christmas Products

It’s that time of year when we’re looking for Christmas products either to make our gifts and cards, or to prepare for our Christmas scrapbook layouts. I’m adding things to my Christmas wishlist in the hope of some crafting gifts in my stocking.

FREE Digital Scrapbooking Paper

Our free digital scrapbooking paper is a transparent PGN file. Add it to the layer above your digital scrapbook paper and because it is transparent the texture and pattern of the lower paper will show through. Adjust colors to give a unique new digital paper each time you use it!

Scrapbooking Paper and Cards for the Troops

As I’ve said before, scrapbooking and card making go hand in hand, and about this time of year the more organized among us start to think of making Christmas cards for family and friends. No, strike that!

Greetings Cards: Purse Card

Greetings Cards: Purse Card

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for fun greetings cards ideas. A purse card is great for a woman of any age. Well I mean, do you know one who is not happy to a get a new purse? Even little girls will love their own version.

Birthday Card with a Scrapbooking Sketch

I had a quick play and came up with this birthday card using our most recent scrapbooking sketch. I wanted to try to work out how to do some of the inbuilt effects and I’m pleased to have managed a semblance of what I was aiming for.